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Thursday, September 22 2011 4:06:44 PM in Life, Philosophy
at the end of the day, the amount of success can be measured by the amount of joy experienced. how to create more joy? - appreciate the good things - share affection with others - take time out for fun (even 5 minutes of it) if today was y...

The Egg

Saturday, September 11 2010 1:01:50 AM in Philosophy
this is a short story by andy weir. imho thought provoking and very well written, certainly worth sparing the 5 minutes it will take to read... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ you were on your way home when you died. it was a...

Intention vs Expectation

Tuesday, June 22 2010 12:04:08 PM in Philosophy
i find that it can be easy to confuse intention with expectation. my high school slogan was high expectation = high achievement. even back then i intuitively found fault with that slogan because i had already learned that expectation will oftentimes ...

The Move Towards Individual Sovereignty

Sunday, March 22 2009 2:58:08 AM in Philosophy
in a more perfect world, resulting from the continuation of positive evolution, the idea of being an employee for someone will dissolve. individuals will be their own companies with inspiration being their driving force. collaborations will take the ...

The Origin of Consciousness

Friday, March 20 2009 5:19:37 PM in Philosophy, Science
where does consciousness come from? does consciousness emerge in the brain, or is it expressed through the brain? i have heard that the mind is incapable of actual creation - more specifically, thinking of something which it does not already kn...

A Rational Explanation for Life ?

Monday, July 21 2008 12:38:08 AM in Philosophy
a rational explanation for life? does such a thing exist? perhaps, but it can neither be found in the realms of strict science nor stubborn theology. it can be referenced only through analogies, for it is beyond what language can fully express. ...


Saturday, March 22 2008 6:26:39 PM in Life, Philosophy
look within and connect the dots of your life in a reverse order. every event which was perceived as "bad" has served a definite purpose. we cannot question the perfection by which the universe unfolds through the physical form. we are not ...


Saturday, November 3 2007 5:13:28 PM in Life, Philosophy
i haven't been getting much sleep over the past week. my main business server seems to have been under attack (traced some traffic back to china and russia), bringing down a major web site of mine every day. as a result i have spent countless hours a...

Time vs Life: The Paradox

Monday, October 29 2007 2:58:02 PM in Philosophy
our lives seem to be completely consumed by time. we remember milestones in our lives from the past, we visualize our goals and hopes for the future. our behaviors are dictated by various schedules in time - waking up, going into work, scheduled acti...

The Indifference of Youth

Wednesday, October 17 2007 11:07:26 PM in Philosophy
crystal and i had the pleasure of babysitting her 5 month old niece this evening while we sent her parents off to the bruce springsteen concert at madison square garden. it is really enjoyable to observe babies and small children when all of their ne...

Remote Office with Trees

Wednesday, October 17 2007 12:47:11 PM in Travel, Philosophy
there’s something amazing about the back yards out here. i haven’t seen lots like these in a long time, and everyone’s back yard can easily fit 2 more houses on them. i sure wish they had yards like these in my area! one of my favorite things is to f...


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