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Thursday, September 22 2011 4:06:44 PM in Life, Philosophy
at the end of the day, the amount of success can be measured by the amount of joy experienced. how to create more joy? - appreciate the good things - share affection with others - take time out for fun (even 5 minutes of it) if today was y...

Quantum Pajamas

Wednesday, March 25 2009 11:51:53 PM in Life, Science
i've been reading a great deal about our reality lately, namely from a more quantum and theoretical perspective. a number of sources go on to state that our reality is just a great quantum field of potential, with all of time and space existing at...


Saturday, March 22 2008 6:26:39 PM in Life, Philosophy
look within and connect the dots of your life in a reverse order. every event which was perceived as "bad" has served a definite purpose. we cannot question the perfection by which the universe unfolds through the physical form. we are not ...


Saturday, November 3 2007 5:13:28 PM in Life, Philosophy
i haven't been getting much sleep over the past week. my main business server seems to have been under attack (traced some traffic back to china and russia), bringing down a major web site of mine every day. as a result i have spent countless hours a...

Grocaholics Anonymous

Thursday, November 1 2007 11:50:23 AM in Food, Life
have you ever gone grocery shopping while you were hungry? i usually try to avoid doing that myself but yesterday's schedule was fairly hectic so i had no choice. never before have items such as candied garbanzo beans and horseradish cheddar cheese s...

View from the Top (of the Roof)

Monday, October 15 2007 7:14:13 PM in Life
the joys of home ownership… about 4 days ago it rained; a much welcome change from our normal sunny southern california climate. we always welcome the rains when they come – they make the hills green and replenish our water reserves. believe me, ...


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