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4 Posts in March 2009

Quantum Pajamas

Wednesday, March 25 2009 11:51:53 PM in Life, Science
i've been reading a great deal about our reality lately, namely from a more quantum and theoretical perspective. a number of sources go on to state that our reality is just a great quantum field of potential, with all of time and space existing at...

The Move Towards Individual Sovereignty

Sunday, March 22 2009 2:58:08 AM in Philosophy
in a more perfect world, resulting from the continuation of positive evolution, the idea of being an employee for someone will dissolve. individuals will be their own companies with inspiration being their driving force. collaborations will take the ...

The Origin of Consciousness

Friday, March 20 2009 5:19:37 PM in Philosophy, Science
where does consciousness come from? does consciousness emerge in the brain, or is it expressed through the brain? i have heard that the mind is incapable of actual creation - more specifically, thinking of something which it does not already kn...

Miracle Food Recipe? Space Syrup

Tuesday, March 17 2009 4:41:22 PM in Recipes
so i recently came across a recipe which allegedly offers incredible health benefits. when taken daily, it is supposed to rearrange the body's energy system into a normal working order, thus cancelling out any disease or health conditions. does it...


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