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View from the Top (of the Roof)

The joys of home ownership…

About 4 days ago it rained; a much welcome change from our normal sunny southern California climate. We always welcome the rains when they come – they make the hills green and replenish our water reserves. Believe me, I love taking long showers, and having to endure a drought would not be fun. Anyways, under normal rainy circumstances there would not be much else to report other than "it was nice, it rained". But this time the rains brought something different and new.

Last night as we were organizing several things in the guest bedroom, a foul stench arose. At first we thought it might be a dead animal or something (yes it smelled that bad), so Crystal charged me with taking a flash light and doing a comprehensive search of the room. I was not able to find evidence of any animals being in the house and luckily there were no dead animals in the room. What was discovered, however, was to become an equal adventure for today. Apparently we had a minor leak in the ceiling, and some water had dripped onto the carpet and incubated for several days. Who would have thought that odor of festering mold in the carpet would resemble a dead carcass..? We took precautions to disinfect the affected area of carpet and laid out baking soda to help with the odor. It was also decided that the following day (today) I would climb onto the roof to investigate the source of a possible leak.

Before I continue let me just add that I have many talents, but being a handy person is not one of them! In fact, I would rather endure a dentist’s drill than have to perform any mechanical or manual work of any sort. Not that I’m lazy, I’m just terribly inept when it comes to being coordinated with handy work. The good aspect of this is the fact that it always provides friends and family alike with much amusement when it comes time for me to fix something. I should start charging admission for these shows.

So on the roof top (which always offers quite an enjoyable view) I was able to quickly identify a patch of tar which was exposed and water logged. This was easily patched up using some duct tape and a brick. Just kidding - my father was kind enough to offer a helping hand and some all-weather calking adhesive to patch up the area… and then we put plastic and a brick over it since we are expecting more rain this week. Whenever it comes to situations which cause me much frustration (i.e. any handy work) I have been making a conscious effort to distance myself from negative feelings and retain a state of calmness. And what’s great about this is that things always seem to work out much better when my inner state is more peaceful. And sure enough, the repairs went off without a hitch and I was able to enjoy some time on my roof. Now I can start packing for tomorrow’s trip.

Monday, October 15 2007 7:14:13 PM in Life

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