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The Origin of Consciousness

Where Does Consciousness Come From?

Does consciousness emerge in the brain, or is it expressed through the brain?

I have heard that the mind is incapable of actual creation - more specifically, thinking of something which it does not already know. So when talking about creative acts, where would the inspiration come from? I'm sure we've all experienced a flash of inspiration in one way or another. Where something just "came" to us. Or for those of us who have experienced a temporarly block in creativity, usually stepping away from the task at hand for a short while to play will result in the solution just coming to us. Every creative person has experienced the above.

So then there's been more research and talk about the heart's significance in being more than just a blood-pumping organ. I intend to compile more statements about this as I progress with my research. But to post an idea of what I'm talking about, the heart contains what appears to be neurons and other "brain matter" of its own. Of course we all know that it beats on its own, but the implications can also be that the flow of consciousness and emotions in the body are intimately connected to the heart. Old news? In some respects, but it just might hold some huge implications about how or where we can harness our primordial creative forces and directly shape the world around us.

Friday, March 20 2009 5:19:37 PM in Philosophy, Science

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