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The Move Towards Individual Sovereignty

In a more perfect world, resulting from the continuation of positive evolution, the idea of being an employee for someone will dissolve. Individuals will be their own companies with inspiration being their driving force. Collaborations will take the place of servitude. Inspiration will take the place of orders. Living in the present moment will take the place of deadlines.

Harmony will abound, for inspiration comes from the heart and it knows no conflict. Following the heart only benefits the whole because the heart's knowledge is derived from the goodness of the whole. Once the idea of separation is realized to be an illusion then caring about others will become the top priority.

And when one can fully embrace the idea of loving something, no matter how small, in each and every moment of the day, then the miraculous takes place. Barriers come down, limitation is stripped away. All of the heart's desires are fully realized almost instantaneously. What the mind thinks is necessary takes second seat to the love that can be experienced at any moment.

Loving something else without expectation is really the same as making love to yourself.

Sunday, March 22 2009 2:58:08 AM in Philosophy

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