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The Indifference of Youth

Crystal and I had the pleasure of babysitting her 5 month old niece this evening while we sent her parents off to the Bruce Springsteen concert at Madison Square Garden. It is really enjoyable to observe babies and small children when all of their needs have been met. There is something so great about youth that we should all try to model ourselves after… Joy in the moment.

We all have that youth within us, but sometimes we just bury it under our "adult" problems and years of forgotten childhood memories. The fact of the matter is that what problems exist today need not exist tomorrow, a month from now, or a year from now. The whole nature of our existence here is based on change. The only thing that is really consistent about human life is that it’s inconsistent. So why not allow our inner child to live through us more often? Why not find humor and amusement in the little things? Or better yet, why not laugh at ourselves when we see that we're taking life just a little too seriously?

There is something magical about how in the moment children can be. Their contentment and curiosity is second to none, and for good reason… they have not yet been marred by the system which is in place to limit all of us. They do not know of skepticism, pessimism, doubt, rejection, arrogance, or any of that garbage. If adults could only be so indifferent towards the seeming outer appearance of things, and remember to smell the roses, there would be no conflict left in this world…

Wednesday, October 17 2007 11:07:26 PM in Philosophy

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