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Stubborn Theology

In writing A Rational Explanation for Life, I came to realize that it would be helpful to briefly elaborate on what was meant by my mention of "stubborn theology".

Stubborn Theology, for me, refers to the attitude that one set of religious/spiritual beliefs are correct while all of the others are wrong. Such fundamentals create walls between groups of individuals, each thinking that they have the sole key to salvation. As a result of this, countless wars have been waged, crusades carried out, physical violence justified, etc.

The irony with all of this is the fact that the most basic ideals of all major belief systems are those of Love, Forgiveness, Unity, and Creation. Applying simple logic to the fanatical notion of "My God is the only God" can reveal the absurdity of any dogmatic belief system. How can an all knowing, all powerful creator, presumably responsible for the existence of all that is (which, by the way, includes the creation of those who DO NOT share the same beliefs), limit salvation to a select few? The idea of a God judging and condemning human beings is as irrational as a human being condemning one ant for invading another ant hill (or more appropriately a parent condemning any of their children to eternal suffering). By compartmentalizing the concept of God using human logic, God becomes nothing more than a personified larger being (separate from us) that displays discordant traits such as anger, wrath, vengeance, condemnation, etc.

All one needs to do is apply some humility and realize that if God does in fact exist, then God's Love and Tolerance for all of Creation is boundless and far greater than what a human being is capable of understanding. Another way of looking at this would be: Knowing that there are billions of stars (and most likely trillions of worlds) in our galaxy alone, what significance could human conflict on our tiny planet possibly amount to in comparison to the vastness of creation? Simply put, what makes one group so special as to gain sole universal recognition from God?

Wednesday, July 23 2008 3:16:41 PM in Clarifications

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