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Strict Science

In writing A Rational Explanation for Life, I came to realize that it would be helpful to briefly elaborate on what was meant by my mention of "strict science".

Strict Science, for me, refers to the approach of the scientific method with a very limited and rigid mindset. More specifically, refusing to accept that truth may be found beyond what can be explained by the human mind, and beyond what is experienced by the physical senses.

While one does not necessarily need to oppose traditional science (in fact one can honor its place in validating new discoveries continuously), it is also important to remember that the visionary minds (to whom significant new insights may be credited) were most likely individuals who had the courage and open mindedness to look beyond what was deemed possible at one time. A few examples which come to mind are electricity (which we still do not fully understand to this day), the Wright Brothers' invention of a flying machine, harnessing invisible energy waves (radio, television, satellite), etc.

Wednesday, July 23 2008 2:51:18 PM in Clarifications

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