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Step by Step Blogging

The fundamental beauty of a step by step approach to blogging:

First, realize that what generates income online is web site traffic. Presumably, the more traffic the web site receives, the more advertising revenue will come in (in numerous possible ways).

And what creates web site traffic in the long term, above all else, is fresh UNIQUE content. Whether it is delivered by the means of an author, a content writer, or discussion threads from visitors (or a combination of it all) does not matter.

Consider blogging as a long term, enjoyable investment:

If you can dedicate just 20-40 minutes per day to writing a short article about any subject of interest, about 3-4 small paragraphs in length (it doesn't need to be a long essay!), then you could easily average one article per day.

One article per day may not seem like much, and for several weeks your blog will appear to be miniscule as far as content is concerned. But think about this:

If you average just one short article per day (some days you may be inspired to write more!):

In just three months, you will have about 90 unique pages of content.
In just one year, you will have 365 unique pages of content.

If you blog for three years (and by that time you can presumably SUPPORT yourself financially from blogging), you will have 1,095 pages of UNIQUE content! And by that time, you can be writing full time, or taking it easy as a semi-retired blogger. You will have much more free time for whatever else...

So try not to think of the big picture all at once, because that can be overwhelming. All you need to focus on is 20 minutes per day to write (one article at a time) about whatever inspires you.

Monday, March 10 2008 2:23:18 PM in Blogging

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