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Remote Office with Trees

There’s something amazing about the back yards out here. I haven’t seen lots like these in a long time, and everyone’s back yard can easily fit 2 more houses on them. I sure wish they had yards like these in my area! One of my favorite things is to feel connected to nature. It reminds me of how much more there is to this world (and this existence) than any of my insignificant worries. The trees do not strain to grow, the bees do not resist doing their work, the squirrels seem to enjoy their day to day frolicking among the leaves.

I suppose us humans are the ones who have imposed so many limitations on ourselves. Most of us just can’t seem to let go for long enough to see the beauty that is right in front of our eyes. We are too consumed with all of our artificial sources of satisfaction and we tend to label everything we see in this world based on the conditioned beliefs which we have. Every culture has this in one form or another. Seeing things in their natural state reminds me of what truly is, and what is really important: There is life all around us. We are all made of the same stuff. Why must we always focus on our differences and label things as good or bad? We ARE Life itself, yet we seem to forget that. Just like the trees in the forest we simply exist and should try to be content with that…

I wanted to share this photo of what my "remote office" for the day looks like – It’s out on the back deck and you can see the huge yard which I’ve been facing. The photo says after 12 PM, but it’s really 3 PM out here on the east coast. I hope you can see how such a view would put me into a state of major relaxation, and in a very philosophical mood…

The Back Yard Office

Wednesday, October 17 2007 12:47:11 PM in Travel, Philosophy

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