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Look within and connect the dots of your life in a reverse order. Every event which was perceived as "bad" has served a definite purpose. We cannot question the perfection by which the universe unfolds through the physical form. We are not the dancers in this play of life, but the DANCE itself. Once we realize that, we can relinquish our compulsive identification with thought forms. For it is human thought that has created all suffering in this world, causing fear to thrive within conceptual constructs of what the people think they understand about the universe and our existence. True intelligence is life itself and can only emerge from the stillness which exists inside every one of us. It is the space between thoughts from which life-force, love, creativity, and inspiration come from. And when it is allowed to shine through, our thoughts become empowered and then we create beautifully. Good things FLOW to us gracefully, in an effortless manner, once we drop the oars and stop paddling upstream.

How do we release the oars and access the infinite stilness? By totally and completely saying YES to the present moment. By awakening into our sense perceptions and being PRESENT in the NOW so completely that we become aware of the NOW itself. Saying YES to the NOW is saying YES to LIFE.

And then in the most natural and graceful universal order, the opulence of all good things are reflected back to us in our external surroundings. After all, this "physical" reality is nothing more than a mental construct which consciousness has chosen to use as a mirror of collective thought forms. At the atomic level, it flashes into and out of existence continuously, which is why by manipulating your INNER energy to offer only positive thoughts free from resistance, the outer "reality" will mirror that. Look for proof of that, for it is all around you. Look for evidence in the little things, the "coincidences" that are so often overlooked. Never mind the time delay. When you reside in the NOW, time ceases to exist anyways. All fear comes from identification with psychological time - conditioned responses based on the past, and anxiety about what problems the future might bring. But the truth is that nothing that significant can come into the NOW. Nothing can take away the timeless and indestructible consciousness that you are, the very life that you can feel within the cells of your body in the PRESENT MOMENT.

Think about it: The idea of having certain things in life makes you feel happy when you ponder them. Why do you feel happy thinking those things? Because you are MEANT TO HAVE THEM! Why else would such great feelings AUTOMATICALLY emerge when we bring certain desires to our awareness? That is the intelligence of LIFE itself nudging you in the right direction with your thoughts. And most importantly, you DESERVE to attain all that makes you happy. Thoughts are meant to be used as tools by which the formless intelligence creates in this world. They are not meant to control us, induce negativity, or give us a sense of identity.

This is what all theological teachings have attempted to convey, but have failed miserably due to thoughts and abstractions of what "God" (the most misused word in the history of man) really is. How can you use mental concepts in this form-based world to properly describe something that is formless and not of this world??!?!?!?!?!? And how silly it is that humans have compartmentalized the concept of "God" and see "God" as a seperate being, basically as a much more powerful father figure.

Forget about the word "God". Use the words "Being", "Consciousness", "Life". Within every blade of grass, every tree, flower, bird, every creature, exists the ONE LIFE, the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. It is this ingelligence that allows the dense physical elements to EVOLVE and emerge as various life forms. Nature offers no resistance to the universal stream of intelligence. Why is this? Because nature is not plagued by thought forms. Nature just IS. And so are YOU, it is just easy to forget because the collective human consciousness carries a certain momentum.

To escape from it simply means to surrender to what IS. Even in a state of surrender, action is possible. In fact, when true intelligence is ALLOWED to flow through, the inspired actions become infinitely more powerful and effective than forced, fear-based actions.

To attract positive things in life, no matter what form, constantly remind yourself of the following truths:

I AM the perfect activity of every organ and cell of my body.

I AM the RICHES of God, flowing into my hands and use that nothing can stop.

I REJOICE that I AM FREE! Forever FREE from every lack and limitation of the outer world!

I Qualify everything in my world this day with PERFECTION, because I AM PERFECTION.
I Qualify this mind and body with PERFECTION and refuse acceptance of anything else.

Repeating the above statements on a daily basis will bring about their corresponding results. It is a universal law. Let go of HOW the results will manifest (a.k.a. completely surrender to the NOW), and just enjoy the ride which the universe will take you on. Letting go of the HOW allows far more abundance to come than you could possibly imagine. Do not limit yourself. The universe is infinite in its depths of supply. Fear becomes useless because in the end it is completely irrelevant. The soil has been laid. All challenges in life are that soil, for without the challenges we would not be motivated to seek a better reality. From the soil a beautiful flower emerges. This is YOUR world, YOUR reality. Nothing exists "out there". "Out there" is just a mirror of WITHIN. The LIFE that we are is all the same source energy, the same energy that creates worlds.

Saturday, March 22 2008 6:26:39 PM in Life, Philosophy

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