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Quantum Pajamas

I've been reading a great deal about our reality lately, namely from a more quantum and theoretical perspective.

A number of sources go on to state that our reality is just a great quantum field of potential, with all of time and space existing at once. What gives us our current view of the one reality is the idea of consciousness acting as the lens through with we interpret it. In other words, we may presently see ourselves as a human adult living in the 21st century ... but the implications are that we exist everywhere but only see this snapshot because that is the program running in our consciousness. Time is said to be spherical, meaning, in the infinite potential of the quantum field, all of time exists simultaneously. To try and wrap a logical mind around that concept can be quite a challenge. Such a view of things might, however, be able to lend further explanation to the concept of miracles taking place that ordinarily would seem impossible.

I will share a personal example - In spite of (probably) sounding like a complete lunatic, this is something which I have thought about since I was a child. After the more recent books which I have read, it actually makes more sense to me now.

Between the age of 4 and 7 I remember receiving a pair of pajamas as one of my Christmas gifts. They were pretty basic boys pajamas, with brown cotton bottoms and a long sleeve top. They were tight fitting (gotta love the 80s styles back then) and did not button up or anything. The top was more like a long sleeved t-shirt. Anyways, what stood out for me was the design on the front of the pajama top. It was a race car; of course, a very typical design to go on boys pajamas. Here is where it gets interesting ...

I distincly remember thinking to myself, upon opening the gift, 'I wish the car was blue'. Blue was (and still is for the most part) my absolute favorite color. The car on this pair of pjs was brown. But then a slight jump into the future ... starting at a specific point, without any explanation, the car on those pajamas was blue. It didn't just become blue either - I distinctly remember asking my mother if the pajamas were a replacement, to which she stated that they were the originals and that the race car was always blue since that was my favorite color. This brings up another implication of a quantum reality: If an individual alters the fabric of the universe (either deliberately or accidentally), the past, present, and future are all rearranged accordingly (since all of time is at once).

I am probably not doing the best job trying to explain my point here, especially with such an abstract topic. But the significance of this story is the fact that as a child, I hold distinctly vivid memories of the car on those pajamas starting off being brown, wishing it was a blue car, and then it ending up being blue. Exactly when the mysterious color switch took place I cannot say but it seemed like an overnight change. But please keep in mind that these memories which I am conveying are specific memories that I had realized as a child, not fragments of things which I am piecing together now as an adult. I have thought about the mystery pajamas on a semi-consistent basis for my entire life, but have never spoken about them to anyone ... how they were a certain way, yet through an unexpressed desire, changed.

And that is just what quantum theories are telling us: As powerful co-creators of this universe, our intentions / beliefs actually cause time to collapse and the universe will rearrange itself accordingly. And since time does not exist to begin with (except as a mind made unit of measurement), it can very well be that I had a first hand experience with this.

Sounds crazy, I know ... but if anybody else has gone through a similar experience they will know exactly what I am referring to.

Wednesday, March 25 2009 11:51:53 PM in Life, Science

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