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Internet Marketers Email Fetish

As I was going through my daily routine of checking emails in the morning I noticed a number of emails from internet marketers (as usual). I'm on several people's lists because I like to observe what they are promoting, and how they go about writing their emails. Sort of a form of free educational tips. Anyways, what I find can get annoying is when I receive duplicate email messages from the same person because it appears that I'm on their list twice (or I somehow ended up on two of their different lists). I don't think it's that difficult to do a little duplicate scrubbing and I don't know why they don't bother with that sometimes. I'm sure it benefits them seeing as how if I unsubscribe from one of their databases, I would presumably still be in another one of theirs.

Another thing which I think should change is the fact that I often get 2, sometimes 3-4 emails from the same person in the same day. I get it that Product XYZ will launch in 8 hours and if I'm interested I will buy it. But then of course they email me every 3 hours up to a product launch. That gets redundant but I'm sure it increases their conversion rate in the end.

I will say that some of the favorite emails I receive are from Joe Vitale because he almost always incorporates a story into whatever he is directing my attention to. It's not just about fluffing up the product (which makes it very obvious that you're trying to sell me something)... Rather he starts off his email with a brief story to captivate my attention. Then, when he does mention the product it ties into the story he was telling and how it helped the central character of the story. Now I must say that's genius - tell a captivating story to get the reader interested, and then once they relate to the character in the story, lead them into the product that helped them. I imagine that creates a perceived emotional need. I remember learning that people are driven to purchase things by EMOTION and justify the purchase with LOGIC.

Anways, to recap, here are my likes and dislikes of the internet marketers emails:

Likes: Story telling, Useful information

Dislikes: Multiple emails per day about the same thing, Duplicate emails, an obvious sales driven email

Another thing which I find beyond amusing (but requires another discussion at a later time) is the fact that I have come to believe that most of these Internet Gurus who pitch you on their products about How to Make Money Online actually earn most (if not all) of their money online by selling people products about how to do it! There is some sort of fallacy going on there, and it is no secret that informational products about how to make money online are some of the most lucrative ways to earn money online LOL. But then that leads to the following concern: Does what they are teaching you actually work?? Sure, their income statements are probably true, but most of the income is probably coming from selling people like us their products. Hmmmmmm...

Friday, October 12 2007 10:41:48 AM in Internet Marketing


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