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If You Want to Sell Me Something

Make sure that whatever you're trying to sell me offers wireless internet access. Seriously. I don't care if it's a refrigerator or a toilet. If it offers a small screen with internet access then it doesn't matter how much I don't need it or won't use it. Just the idea that I can pull up Google directly from it is good enough for me.

I recently did a quick mental inventory of my gadget acquisitions and I came to realize that I have more devices in my house with internet access than I do pairs of underwear. And I think it's all for a good reason (irrational self justification blurb goes here): My business is run from the internet. I can be anywhere and do about 90% of my work as long as there's internet access.

So, if my PC fails then I can use my HP TX 1000z Laptop to go online. If the HP Laptop fails I can use my ASUS Eee PC (running Linux) to go online. If the ASUS Laptop fails I have my new Verizon Wireless Smartphone (Samsung i760) which can surf the web. If the i760 fails I have my Nintendo Wii set up with a web browser. If the Nintendo Wii fails I have my Playstation 3 which can also hook into my wireless network. If the PS3 fails then there's always my XBOX 360. If that fails then I'm screwed. At least until I figure out how to use my HP Photosmart C7180 printer as a web browser (which by the way is already integrated into my wireless network).

I really think I should write a children's song to the tune of 'The knee bone's connected to the ... shin bone ...' Only I can sing about the failover sequence in my house for gaining internet access. I didn't quite plan to have such an accessible house, but reflecting on all of this I think it's a preview of things to come. In the future people will have internet access from every room in their house, their cars, and even their baby cribs. In the kitchen and want a list of recipes from your current food inventory? No problem - your internet connected refrigerator can tell you. Not only that but it can also reorder your groceries to be delivered automatically without breaking a sweat.

In this ever evolving digital information age, each new generation is more and more connected to everything. Just don't act surprised when your 7 year old proves to be far more brilliant than you are...

Friday, November 9 2007 8:20:28 AM in Gadgetry

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