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Grocaholics Anonymous

Have you ever gone grocery shopping while you were hungry? I usually try to avoid doing that myself but yesterday's schedule was fairly hectic so I had no choice. Never before have items such as candied garbanzo beans and horseradish cheddar cheese sounded so good.

See, the thing with shopping hungry is the fact that EVERYTHING in the store just looks so tempting! Your logical mind wants to stick with what's on the list (in our case about 6 different items), but your hungry stomach takes over and you have a high probability of walking out of the store with additional items (in our case a cart full of miscellaneous edible treats capable of sustaining us through a nuclear winter).

It also did not help that we went to pick these items up from Whole Foods Market, which happens to feature the most wholesome, fresh, and delectable products around. They're smart over there too - they will often rotate the stock so that unsuspecting shoppers get lost trying to find their usual items... and then their hungry stomachs induce a zombie-like state of compulsive produce picking.

I have also heard that grocery stores play sappy love songs in order to induce feelings of heartache for those middle aged divorcees who retreat to a tub full of food for emotional relief. One of my personal favorites is when they convert pop songs into smooth jazz and the melody just hypnotizes your brain. You are then forced to endure a repetitive cycle of lyrics and melodies in your head, the only cure being to purchase even more food impulsively.

I certainly love Whole Foods and their endless selection of high-end luxury groceries. Whether the Organic foods make you a better person or not is still up for debate. If I could save ten million insects by purchasing corn free from pesticides, I suppose that makes me a modern day hero as far as the world of the tiny crawlers are concerned. Just don't tell them that aisle 10 features their cousins covered in chocolate...

The bottom line is that what was supposed to be a routine trip to restock several essentials turned into a $250 shopping spree of gourmet goodness. At least we won't have to leave the house for a month.

Thursday, November 1 2007 11:50:23 AM in Food, Life

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