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First Day of Launch

I figured the best thing to start with on this new blog is some sort of arbitrary introductory post. I have so much to say about so many things but starting off with arbitrary chatter seems to be the right thing to do ;) .

To start with, this blog has been a fun project in itself. I really like working in the Windows server platform (sorry Linux fans), so i was pretty limited when it came to choosing an appropriate blogging platform. One option was Forest Blog, the only real ASP based blogging platform I could find. I liked it, but it lacked the sort of me flare when it came to possible customizations.

I also tried tinkering around with Linux hosting + out of the box content management solutions such as WordPress and Joomla, but in the end I had decided that mastering the CSS layouts and programs themselves would take longer for me to learn than if I were to code my own blog in classic ASP.

And sure enough I think I was correct. It took me about 9 hours of total design and programming, but now I have my own fully functional blog platform running on my dedicated Windows 2003 box written entirely in ASP. Fun fun fun! Not to mention how much more enjoyable it is to write and use your own software rather than an out of the box solution. I'm sure fellow programmers would agree with me...

Anyways, there is plenty more to come, but this is a "Hello World" type of message. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss how I went about writing this blog. I will probably release future publications revealing some of the design specifications for the blog, as well as the Search algorithm (which I had actually developed in the past for one of my sites with extensive data).

Thursday, October 11 2007 7:32:57 PM in Blogging, Software Dev

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