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East Coast Excursion 2007 - Day 0.5

Current location: Morristown, NJ – 1:30 AM Eastern time, feels like 10:30 PM for me still.

Have not gotten to see much of the town yet (since we had a late night arrival), but from what I HAVE seen so far it seems like a quaint east coast town with a square and a line of little shops like one would imagine in the movies.

The flight out here went smoothly and the 5+ hours in the air went by quickly. It’s always amusing to see children on airplanes. I really empathize with the parents because if their kids are cranky not only do they have to deal with it, but they also have to deal with other passengers being annoyed with them. I suppose sticking so many humans in such a confined space is unnatural – but if one could practice tolerance and compassion on an airplane then I suppose they’re well on their way to being a saint.

Something cool happened at the L.A. airport today while I was waiting for my departing flight at the gate. I noticed that a guy was playing his white Nintendo DS Lite about 15 yards away, so Crystal and I decided to take our DS Lites out and start playing Mario Kart DS together. The great thing with these systems is their wireless capability. You can play against anybody else who has a Nintendo DS wirelessly. And this is where the fun began – as I was setting up the game mode, this guy’s name appeared on the players roster. Not that it was planned, but he managed to wirelessly find the game I was setting up and join in with us. Now if that wasn’t the coolest event of the day then I don’t know what was (perhaps seeing Chris Klein at the baggage claim of the Newark airport tonight comes in a distant 7th place mainly because I don’t really get crazy about celebs unless you are talking about Jessica Alba)…

Seriously though – playing Mario Kart DS against a perfect stranger in an airport terminal… imagine the level of community and information we will be exchanging with each other in 50 years: It’s staggering to think of!

I’ve never been to the east coast of the United States before. Flying into the Newark airport you can clearly see the Manhattan skyline. Although NYC is not on the roster for this trip I have decided that a separate excursion back east just for the Big Apple is a must. It looks so amazing from the air, and I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be in such an ALIVE city. So many people bustling in close quarters day in and day out, New York City can be looked at as the epitome of so many things… Big cosmopolitan city, the American economic center, the theatrical mecca, an American dream, a land of diversity, a melting pot, a food lover’s haven, the endless nightlife, etc etc.

But here I am in a smaller new england style town getting ready to soak in 8 days of historical U.S. quaintness. The destinations of this trip consist of:

  • 3 Days in Morristown, NJ

  • 2 Days in Boston, MA

  • 3 Days on Nantucket Island, MA (the part I’m looking forward to the most)

  • There will be much more to talk about after the sun rises and I have a chance to get my bearings. Till then I will try to force my body to go to sleep with anticipation of a new day fast approaching…

    Tuesday, October 16 2007 10:55:24 PM in Travel

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