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Autumn in the Garden State

Before the "Most Wonderful Time … Of The Year", there is another time of year which comes around without fail: Autumn.

Only Autumn can make decay look beautiful, especially if you are at the right place (geographically speaking) to appreciate it. The dying leaves bring a welcome variety of color to the forest, and that festive feeling returns to the air. It’s that time of year when those large orange fruits show up on doorsteps everywhere (yes, pumpkins are in fact fruits by classification), and people of all ages start to look forward to Halloween night… a time when everyone can dress and act as creepy and perverse as they please (or really are but hide it for the rest of the year) without facing any sort of disapproval.

Our outing today really showed me a side of New Jersey that I didn’t know existed. Up till today I always pictured smoke stacks and coal mines whenever I heard the word New Jersey… but this underestimated state is turning out to be so much more than that. Inside the wealthiest state (per capita household income in America) and outside the major cities just east of New York exists an idyllic countryside that seems to be the epitome of a quaint New England lifestyle. Yet all this is only an hour train ride from Manhattan. Between the hillsides painted in orange, red, and green, as well as the peaceful towns (such as Basking Ridge, NJ) with their beautiful streets & architecture, it has felt like I’ve been vacationing inside somebody’s display of Department 56 Collectibles.

It’s days like today that make me want to invest in a decent digital camera already. Until then you will have to settle for the crappy photos I take and upload with my cell phone. At a whopping 1.3 megapixels these pictures can be scaled up to over 200 pixels before they start losing their quality… ENJOY!

Wightman Farms
The above picture was taken at Wightman Farms, just outside the main area of Morristown, NJ. As expected, many of the other shots I took with my cell phone did not look so great once I viewed them on a normal computer, so enjoy this one decent (though far from professional) photo I managed to take from the pumpkin patch.

Thursday, October 18 2007 9:14:04 PM in Travel

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