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5 Hours of Insanity (Uhmmm is that Energy??)

OK so here's the deal:

Take this just before you need to lift your car up

I've always been a huge Red Bull fan but after seeing some convincing commercials followed by incessant persuasion by the g.f. I decided to give this stuff a try.

One way to describe it would be if you were to take some crack and chase it down with a liter of mountain dew, and then jog around the block naked ... then you would be approaching the level of brain activity that this stuff gives you...

Seriously though, I was dragging this afternoon and decided how much I would like to feel normal so that I could finish up some work. So I took this stuff, and I went from standstill to rockstar in just 10 minutes. I won't make any money if you click on the image above and go buy some, but I wanted to share this wonderful secret with you. It tastes sort of like cough syrup (which I happened to love as a child), and realizing that I could save about the 25 seconds it takes me to drink a Red Bull, this is a welcome addition to my high octane collection of treats. I have so much left over energy at this point that I might go learn a new language or help a random stranger move some furniture around...

Friday, October 12 2007 4:41:06 PM in Health

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