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48 Hours of Estrogen

The adventure is about to begin Ö 2 full days with Crystal, her two older sisters, and two nieces. So just to tally up the ratiosÖ

Women: 5
Men: 1 (me)

Not that I really mindÖ I grew up almost entirely with women and I feel more comfortable in a room full of women than men; although the talk of kids, clothing, makeup, and all other things female isnít quite my cup of tea so I quickly developed the skill of zoning out as a child :P

Today we are planning on going around town here in Morristown seeing some of the historic spots (apparently George Washington took communion at a church in town just minutes away from where Iím staying and where my brother in law is the minister). We are also supposed to be going to a pumpkin patch for the kids (and for us big kids as well). But I was just informed that tomorrow we are going to be taking a train and spending the day in New York City!! That will be quite an experience for me and if you recall my post 2 days ago, Iíve always wanted to go thereÖ So the question is, Can I handle being outnumbered 5 to 1 until tomorrow evening when my brother in law joins us?? Well, as long as my smartphone has internet access then Iíll be in good shape. Iím also very skilled at drifting off in my imagination and being completely oblivious to my surroundings. I can simply go anywhere in my head on a momentís notice. So this means that if the female talk gets to be too much for me I can simply drift off in my mind and pretend that Iím speeding through the canyons with the convertible top down back homeÖ

Itís already almost 2 PM here but Iím still in my robe drinking a coffeeÖ donít be surprised though since itís not even 11 AM according to my body and Iím currently in vacation mode. Just donít get in between me and my coffee until after Iíve had my bowel movement for the day.

Thursday, October 18 2007 10:46:59 AM in Travel

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